3G Router Project For CB Bank

Data Center Design and Build Project with Myanmar Microfinance Bank

Data Center Design and Build Project with CGG

Power Distribution Project for KBZ Bank

Precision Cooling project for KBZ Bank

APC Online UPS (Myanmar Microfinance Bank, Park Royal, MOPF Project)

Back Office PC Development (Sembcorp, State Bank Of India, SITA)

Call Centre (Trust Oo, AYA bank)

Core Network (SITA)

Networking & Infra (SMEC, SIKA, Sembcorp, Ayer Shwe Wah, Amara Communication)

Diebold Forex Solution (AGD Bank)

Server Setup (TPT, Ayer Shwe Wah, Sembcorp, Trust Oo)

Server Virtualization (SITA)

Security Software & Hardware(PTTEP)

Vsat Hub Station (Myanmar Apex Bank)

LAN Cable (Amara Communication, SIKA, Decoland)

Mobile Banking (MFTB)

Firewall (  Amara Communication , MOPF)

Acumatica ERP Implementation (TPT)

Video Conferencing (Sembcorp)

Cisco DC Solution (MOPF)

Digital Branch Transformation (SHWE BANK)

Data Center Design & Build Project (CB Bank)