Data Center Infrastructure Solutions (DCIS)

No two businesses are same- so even though the cloud storage is here, many other organizations opt for traditional in-house data center better suited with their business objective.DCIS means many different things to many different people and there is a variety of definitions available. According to Gartner, DCIS refers to the tools that monitor, measure, manage and/or control data center use and energy consumption of all IT related equipment (such as servers, storage and network switch) and facilities infrastructure components (such as power distribution unit (PDUs) and computer, room air conditioner (CRACs). DCIS has been around since 2008/09 and it’s gaining momentum at a faster pace. Gartner research report, ‘DCIS-Going beyond IT’, published in March 2010 predicted that it will quickly become mainstream, growing from 1% penetration of data centers in 2010 to 60% in 2014. The objective of any DCIS is to provide data administrators a holistic view of information and visibility into the entire IT infrastructure and information thereby to support smart decision on improving data center efficiency.

DCIS solution takes away the pain from data administrators as they need not maintain data center inventory using excel spreadsheet anymore. DCIS can locate, visualize, and manage all the physical assets within an integrated single screen while keeping tab on the temperature, humidity, airflow and energy consumption as well as managing the use of space and lifecycle of assets. It can further track the usage of asset over time and provide valuable input to decide when to add new resources. Designing a proper architecture of the data center significantly helps lower the downtime and energy cost. Additional benefit comes in the form of reduced operating cost from energy usage effectiveness and efficiency.

Skylark DCIS services has created efficiency and strategic value for customers today in finance, research and other related industries. (See testimonials …). Working as DC consultant at Siemens Singapore, our team has developed a solid knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best DCIS option for your needs. We work with the best DCIS vendors to ensure that you receive optimized performance, increased efficiency and less risk in a proven technology and you only pay for what you need.

Skylark offers the following DCIS services keeping in seamlessly aligned with the needs of your business.

  • DC & NOC-Design and build
  • DC integration and migration
  • IT infra & NW management
  • Facility and operation management