Managed Services & Business Outsourcing (MSBO)

With intense global competition, companies are driven by the need to explore ways to reduce their operational cost and accelerate business process. One way that is fast gaining acceptance and popularity is to centralize the core function to shared services and outsource the various other functions such as IT infrastructure, support and maintenance through MSBO model. The MSBO framework has several advantages that companies can gain through beyond typical cost reduction as compared to the alternative of hiring in-house IT employee.

In MSBO model, you pay for the services rendered. On top of that, the client is ensured of the delivery of a committed outcome that is scalable, preventable and predictable, all at a pre-determined price compared to the yield from hiring staff which often accounts the input in terms of no. of working hours. For SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), it is difficult to hire, train and retain highly qualified technical pool given the lack of resources. The MSBO outsourcing program helps to enhance their competitive edge by providing them an access to the same level of technology and expertise otherwise privileged by the giant corporations. Though the control over the business IT is handled by the outsourcing company, another benefit comes in the form of saved time so the business can remain focused on company mission and not get distracted by IT complexities.

The risk involved with MSBO attributes mainly to the fact that remote access solely relies on internet conductivity which if fails can obstruct the maintenance and support due to poor internet connectivity. Our team of certified experts will help you weigh the pros and cons properly and ensure that the tools and support that are in place enable the customers to grow and scale their IT operation to meet company needs-while maximizing the value of their existing IT resources. Skylark further helps to minimize the risk associated with security vulnerabilities through the strict adherence to the global compliance standards.

Our managed IT services currently include followings.

In today’s fast paced business world, no organization fancies unplugging all the cables and lugging the system down to a computer shop for a fix, should network or PC downtime occur. A reliable and secured IT operation is fundamental to successful organizations.

Skylark’s OSS team has the skill set and expertise to deliver the timely and accurate on-site IT solutions. Our strategic location at 9 miles allows us to be responsive to your office when an issue arises. Key differentiation of Skylark onsite support is the less than 2 hours response time within the incident report i.e., within Yangon.

Our on-site support is available 24/7/365, Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm (excluding Sat, Sun and public holidays).

Skylark offers three types of cost effective preventive onsite support service (P-OSS) listed below:

Monthly Pricing Ask for best offer Ask for best offer Ask for best offer
Frequency 1 Visit/mth
(each visit 2hr max)
1 Visit/mth
(each visit 2hr max)
1 Visit/mth
(each visit 2hr max)
Response Hour Next Business Day Within 6 Hours Within 4 Hours
Covers unlimited laptops and PC icon-check icon-check icon-check
Covers up to 5 servers icon-times icon-times icon-times
Unlimited Helpdesk / Remote Support icon-times icon-times icon-times
9 x 5 IT Support icon-times icon-times icon-times
Dedicated Certified Engineer icon-times icon-times icon-times
Backup Services icon-times icon-times icon-times
Network connectivity services icon-times icon-times icon-times
Domain/Email account setup & maintenance icon-times icon-times icon-times
Free IT Consultation icon-times icon-times icon-times
Free Documentation icon-times icon-times icon-times
Network Diagram icon-times icon-times icon-times
Monthly Summary Report icon-times icon-times icon-times
Password Management icon-times icon-times icon-times
IT Security Policy icon-times icon-times icon-times
Validity 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Charge by incident icon-times icon-times icon-times

Terms & conditions:

Supports Workdays (Mon-Fri, excluding Sat, Sun & Public Holidays, from 9am to 6pm) 24x7x365 – support is available on times & materials basis.

Infrastructure is the backbone of your business operation. Our technical team ensures that the hardware and applications are regularly monitored, managed and updated timely and provide you with periodic reviews and recommendations to carry out the changes required.

  • Server/Storage
  • Backup/OS Administration
  • Virtualization Management
  • System and Application performance management

Based on our central doctrine that one-size-doesn’t fit all, infrastructure and network program is a series of customizable plans. Both service plans invariably start with detailed discussion with client on functional, environmental and budgetary requirements to uncover gaps and determine engagement areas. Based on this study, a client profile is created with precise current and future need. A detailed scope of work is then prepared, properly defining the in-scope and out-scope aspects of the agreement, areas of responsibility, contractual obligations, policies and processes, and points of engagement.

Contact us today to request more information on pricing.

Our aim is to minimize any unforeseen downtime and maximize uptime through proactive monitoring of the network connectivity.

  • LAN/WAN & Wireless
  • VSAT
  • Network Performance Management
  • High availability and automated failover

Based on our central doctrine that one-size-doesn’t fit all,infrastructure and network program is a series of customizable plans. Both service plans invariably start with detailed discussion with client on functional, environmental and budgetary requirements to uncover gaps and determine engagement areas. Based on this study, a client profile is created with precise current and future need. A detailed scope of work is then prepared, properly defining the in-scope and out-scope aspects of the agreement, areas of responsibility, contractual obligations, policies and processes, and points of engagement.

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Enterprise Applications & Cloud Services (EACS)

Let’s start with a traditional example: A customer approaches a sales person to buy a merchandize but s/he is out of stock. The sales person checks with the inventory which unfortunately is short of supply too. By the time the inventory follows up with procurement for raw material and the product is ready, the prospect is most likely to switch to a different vendor thus leading to the loss of revenue. This is a typical example of how the organizations face hardship in different areas of its functionality resulting from the decentralized database system. For businesses irrespective of their size, it’s very important for them to streamline their business process and operations. This is where ERP comes into play.

ERP, an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning means managing the resources in the company effectively. There are several ERP applications available in the market to cater to different business needs. An integrated ERP system facilitates the information transfer between all functions within a business as well as outside the business such as customers and suppliers. In an organization where all core functions across the board are integrated into a single cohesive unit, you have an easy access to real time data and can make smarter and quicker decisions. As a resultant, the business can run more efficiently and profitably with no opportunity loss like the aforementioned. Regardless of the configuration of SAP on premise (client/server), hosted (cloud or SaaS) or hybrid, you can access the real time data while you are on the go using the SAP mobile app. Undoubtedly, real time business decisions anywhere anytime means higher productivity.

In today’s fast paced competitive world, ERP solution is inevitable for business not only to succeed but is a key to survival.

Skylark is the leading partner in Myanmar for Business All in One and Business One solutions from SAP, the world’s industry leader in enterprise software and software related services. Founded in 1972, SAP currently serves above 235,500 customers in 188 countries that comprise of large global organizations to educational institutions, governments, SMEs and subsidiaries of all shapes and sizes spanning 25 industries. Statistically, 86% of Global Fortune 500, 98% of the 100 most valued companies and 100 percent of Forbes top scoring sustainability companies deploy SAP to achieve business excellence and innovation.

SAP Business All in One:

SAP Business All in One is the most comprehensive industry specific solutions to power the business end to end. The solution is designed to be affordable and scalable to grow and adapt as business needs change. Furthermore, it is fully integrated and simplifies your business and IT landscape across functions, regions and teams. Suitable for midmarket businesses, SAP Business All-in-One provides key business benefits such as:

  • Enhanced ability to adapt to changing market and customer demands
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness through automated tasks and lesser errors
  • Improved financial management through accurate reporting and deeper insight
  • Increased visibility that unleashes business risks and opportunities

To manage all aspects of your business, SAP Business All-in-one offers comprehensive functionality and components listed below:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning: The ERP functionality can be used across accounting and Financial, Sales and services, purchasing and logistics execution, inventory management, human capital management, product development and manufacturing, reporting and analytics and corporate services.
  • Best practices: This package includes the methodology, configuration settings, and documentation for quickly evaluating, implementing, and deploying best business practices to support industry specific and general business processes.
  • Technology platform: Because of the flexible and unified technology platform called SAP NetWeaver that empowers SAP, it is easier to add on to your existing solutions promptly and in cost effective manner as your business grows and your requirement changes.
  • Customer relationship management: The CRM component allows boosting marketing results with targeted messaging, close more deals with sales tool that improve effectiveness and increase revenue and customer loyalty with great service.
  • Business intelligence: This rich functionality offers graphical reports and interactive dashboards, providing better visibility and control over revenue further increasing business user productivity and lowering training and support costs.
  • Supplier Relationship management: The SRM functionality enables self-service procurement, supplier sourcing via request for quotation, preconfigured roles and single-server deployment. Managing source-to-pay processes becomes easier with pre-integrated SRM into SAP.

SAP Business One:

“ERP is complex and extremely expensive” is a common notion that many businesses especially SMEs still have. But the fact comes as a surprise for many because according to SAP, more than 80% of its customers are SMEs.

SAP Business one is ideally designed to truly fit their budget and business needs of SMEs into a single integrated system which makes it easier to set up, use and optimize. It offers support to efficiently manage the entire business process as accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, inventory and distribution and reporting and administration. The business intelligence functionality ensures complete visibility to help organizations see clearly, think clearly and act clearly narrowing down the gap between strategy and execution and best run their business.

Key Business benefits of SAP Business One include:

  • Grow business through streamlined business operations
  • Quicker response to customer needs as instant data access helps faster decision
  • No redundant data entry and lesser errors means process efficiency
  • Closer relation with customers resulting from access to centralized information
  • Lower technology cost and speed time to value as it is easier to setup and use with minimum training

With SAP Business one, businesses receives a benefit of comprehensive solution for each of its key functionality as listed below:

  • Accounting and Finance:
    • General ledger and journal entries
    • Cost accounting and monitoring project costs
    • Budget management
    • Banking and bank statement processing
    • Payment processing and reconciliation
    • Financial statements and reporting
    • Sales tax and VAT
    • Multicurrency support
  • Sales and Customers:
    • Opportunities and pipeline management
    • Customer contact and activity management
    • Sales quotation and orders
    • Invoicing and crediting
    • Sales and pipeline forecast
    • Service contract management
    • Service call management and tracking
  • Purchasing and operations:
    • Purchase orders and deliveries
    • Goods receipt and returns
    • AP invoice and credit notes
    • Bills of materials
    • Production orders
    • Forecasting and material requirements planning
  • Inventory and Distribution:
    • Items management, item queries
    • Receipt to stock, release form stock and stock transactions
    • Stock transfer between multiple warehouses
    • Serial number management
    • Inventory revaluation
    • Customer and vendor catalog
    • Price lists and special pricing
    • Batch management and pick and pack
  • Reporting and Administration:
    • Fully integrated with Crystal Reports software
    • Drag and relate, drill downs, search, workflow based alerts
    • Employee directory and administration, employee time
    • Remote support platform
    • Data migration workbench, data archiving
    • Data interface and user interface API


‘The number of information sources has exploded over the past decade, leading to many management hallenges. The explosion of information demands better management capabilities.’ – Forrester Research inc 2013.

Conventional approach to information management frequently results in unstructured and unreliable data, is costly and time consuming. Skylark is partnered with ASG software to help organizations embrace the technology to better control the access and distribute their information throughout the organization. ASG-Cypress Suite, an integrated document assembly and delivery system enhances management, accessibility, analysis and distribution of documents contained within and outside the enterprise. What sets ASG-Cypress Suite apart is its unique architecture that allows information to flow between disparate applications and information technologies seamlessly. The result is easy access of right information at the right time irrespective of the limitation imposed by multiple platforms, operating systems, file systems, applications and devices.

ASG-Cypress Suite is highly scalable and you can work with high volume of content in sophisticated and secured ways that guarantee the fast response time.

Report Distribution: Identities, splits, bundles and delivers information from reports, documents or scanned images to multiple end points as printers, email, portals, and system and storage devices.

Output Management: Centrally monitors and controls the status of output and distribution for the secured e-delivery of documents to all output devices.

Forms Management and Document Enhancement: Creates electronic forms overlays for documents using any windows-based application based on pre-defined criteria.

Web and Enterprise Document Delivery: Instantly provides documents and reports preserving document integrity from web browsers without having to maintain expensive dedicated web server.

Archive, Search and Retrieval: Allows viewing and using the content from any business related document regardless of its originating platform.

Imaging: Facilitates any volume of scanning through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), import of digital images and inbound/outbound faxing

Data Mining and Analysis: Filters, sorts, summarizes and transforms massive reports into simple text format, Excel sheet and route it to multiple end points.

Content Processing Facility: Enables to assemble, enhance (ex. Add bar code, image, form overlay, index, un-index etc), collate, sequence and deliver the content required to streamline business process.

Process Optimization: Production-class workflow design and execution to support ad-hoc and system-automate work steps, activities, and processes.

Banking and Payment Switching Solutions (BPSS)

With the current economic momentum taking place in the once isolated country, Myanmar antiquated banking service has seen several milestones recently including the introduction of ATM (Debit) cards, international payment transfer, introduction of Myanmar Payment Union Card among many others. Many features of the modern banking systems are still lacking though.

Skylark, as a home grown company is committed to helping the country’s financial sector compete in the global market by bringing reliable, scalable and agile banking solutions that offer greater efficiency at a lower price. One such state-of the art solution is the automated, cost effective payment system known as Payment Switching that can seamlessly streamline process for large volume of financial transactions across multiple channels. It enables the merchant to centralize the entire settlement process eliminating the processing cost charged per transaction by third party processor which otherwise would ultimately be passed on to the customers.

Our vendor partner SMARTVISTA is a global leader in payment processing business and covers every aspect of electronic payments including:

  • High performance authorization switching and routing
  • Full ATM and POS management
  • Comprehensive card management
  • Advanced Fraud prevention
  • Loyalty program management
  • Card personalization and production
  • Billing and merchant management
  • Integrated internet and mobile banking

Currently serving 120 customers in 40 countries, the SMARTVISTA products have been certified by industry leaders as American Express, Visa, Diners club and MasterCard. SMARTVISTA products are also flexible enough to be in integrated with your existing card payment facility.

Skylark is trained, equipped and able to support you with full SMARTVISTA implementation offering 1st level support. The client also receives great support through our partner’s Russia based helpdesk, available 365 days a year.

Another innovative solution that Skylark brings home is the world’s lowest power consuming (60 Watts) ATM that can viably run on solar power. Ecoteller ATM, manufactured by our vendor partner Vortex Engineering comes with several advantages:

  • Less moving parts & beltless design-resulting in lowest hardware failure
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Certified to work between 0-50 degree centigrade-no air con required
  • Very small size solar setup required
  • Electronic journal-saves paper
  • Very compact-use less space-saves on real estate cost of installation
  • Local language receipt printer-prints receipt in the language chosen by the customer

Skylark as a local partner offers complete solution for the ATM management in Myanmar including:

  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • Servicing/maintenance
  • Proactive end to end monitoring so that we catch the problem before it becomes an issue

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions (DCIS)

No two businesses are same- so even though the cloud storage is here, many other organizations opt for traditional in-house data center better suited with their business objective.DCIS means many different things to many different people and there is a variety of definitions available. According to Gartner, DCIS refers to the tools that monitor, measure, manage and/or control data center use and energy consumption of all IT related equipment (such as servers, storage and network switch) and facilities infrastructure components (such as power distribution unit (PDUs) and computer, room air conditioner (CRACs). DCIS has been around since 2008/09 and it’s gaining momentum at a faster pace. Gartner research report, ‘DCIS-Going beyond IT’, published in March 2010 predicted that it will quickly become mainstream, growing from 1% penetration of data centers in 2010 to 60% in 2014. The objective of any DCIS is to provide data administrators a holistic view of information and visibility into the entire IT infrastructure and information thereby to support smart decision on improving data center efficiency.

DCIS solution takes away the pain from data administrators as they need not maintain data center inventory using excel spreadsheet anymore. DCIS can locate, visualize, and manage all the physical assets within an integrated single screen while keeping tab on the temperature, humidity, airflow and energy consumption as well as managing the use of space and lifecycle of assets. It can further track the usage of asset over time and provide valuable input to decide when to add new resources. Designing a proper architecture of the data center significantly helps lower the downtime and energy cost. Additional benefit comes in the form of reduced operating cost from energy usage effectiveness and efficiency.

Skylark DCIS services has created efficiency and strategic value for customers today in finance, research and other related industries. (See testimonials …). Working as DC consultant at Siemens Singapore, our team has developed a solid knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best DCIS option for your needs. We work with the best DCIS vendors to ensure that you receive optimized performance, increased efficiency and less risk in a proven technology and you only pay for what you need.

Skylark offers the following DCIS services keeping in seamlessly aligned with the needs of your business.

  • DC & NOC-Design and build
  • DC integration and migration
  • IT infra & NW management
  • Facility and operation management