Banking and Payment Switching Solutions (BPSS)

With the current economic momentum taking place in the once isolated country, Myanmar antiquated banking service has seen several milestones recently including the introduction of ATM (Debit) cards, international payment transfer, introduction of Myanmar Payment Union Card among many others. Many features of the modern banking systems are still lacking though.

Skylark, as a home grown company is committed to helping the country’s financial sector compete in the global market by bringing reliable, scalable and agile banking solutions that offer greater efficiency at a lower price. One such state-of the art solution is the automated, cost effective payment system known as Payment Switching that can seamlessly streamline process for large volume of financial transactions across multiple channels. It enables the merchant to centralize the entire settlement process eliminating the processing cost charged per transaction by third party processor which otherwise would ultimately be passed on to the customers.

Our vendor partner SMARTVISTA is a global leader in payment processing business and covers every aspect of electronic payments including:

  • High performance authorization switching and routing
  • Full ATM and POS management
  • Comprehensive card management
  • Advanced Fraud prevention
  • Loyalty program management
  • Card personalization and production
  • Billing and merchant management
  • Integrated internet and mobile banking

Currently serving 120 customers in 40 countries, the SMARTVISTA products have been certified by industry leaders as American Express, Visa, Diners club and MasterCard. SMARTVISTA products are also flexible enough to be in integrated with your existing card payment facility.

Skylark is trained, equipped and able to support you with full SMARTVISTA implementation offering 1st level support. The client also receives great support through our partner’s Russia based helpdesk, available 365 days a year.

Another innovative solution that Skylark brings home is the world’s lowest power consuming (60 Watts) ATM that can viably run on solar power. Ecoteller ATM, manufactured by our vendor partner Vortex Engineering comes with several advantages:

  • Less moving parts & beltless design-resulting in lowest hardware failure
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Certified to work between 0-50 degree centigrade-no air con required
  • Very small size solar setup required
  • Electronic journal-saves paper
  • Very compact-use less space-saves on real estate cost of installation
  • Local language receipt printer-prints receipt in the language chosen by the customer

Skylark as a local partner offers complete solution for the ATM management in Myanmar including:

  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • Servicing/maintenance
  • Proactive end to end monitoring so that we catch the problem before it becomes an issue