The below framework is a client centrist approach pursued by our team to ensure an effective partnership with our customers and successful implementation of the project affording close attention to each detail.

Pre-sales Engagement
The first step lays an important groundwork for eventual implementation success and involves several meetings to fully understand and assess the situation. The meetings focus on discussing at length customer needs, technology and solutions-matching, identifying business pain points, organization's unique requirement, financial and timeline constraint, resource planning etc. As a resultant, the client benefits by having a transparent understanding of the capabilities and limitations of a given technology in addition to major considerations accrued to the adoption of the solution.
Proof of Concept
The purpose is to validate whether specific functionalities of any given solution will work in a customer's unique environment before acquiring the solution. This often entails on-site testing to ensure maximum system compatibility and optimal organizational fit so that the client can make a well informed purchased decision.
Solution Design
The organization's requirements are thoroughly defined and reviewed affording close attention to corporate compliance, project deadline, resource allocation and budgetary consideration. The evaluation takes place between Skylark, Client and the vendor to ensure the architecture of solution best customized and configured to meet the business objectives. Once the Client and Skylark agree on project activities/tasks, outcomes and deliverable, schedules and resources and completion criteria, it calls for pilot test plan next at customer's site.
A controlled test run based on scaled-down scope of work is carried out at the client's production environment, which accordingly, will validate the deployment and/or migration recommendations set forth in solution design. The design concept goes through testing and fine-tuning resulting in a more polished and competent solution that will work well in the real world.
Skylark's solution consultants are stationed at the client's premises for a pre-determined number of days to roll out the proposed solution. In complex projects, a project-manager from Skylark may be involved to better manage change orders or out-of-scope request and to help steer the project on the planned course. Once the working solution is in place at client's environment, user training may be conducted. The training may take place after the project is signed-off depending on user requirement.
User Acceptance/Documentation
Based on a comprehensive check-list customized for a particular project, the key aspects of implemented solutions are reviewed with the client. On acceptance, the client receives a complete documentation compiled with project design concepts, terminology, state of the environment, implementation methodology, solution application, and hardware and software details with relevant screenshots.
Post Implementation Support
An SLA based 30 day free support solution warranty is provided to customer, once the project is signed off. Thus the customer can have a peace of mind that if a specific item of the implementation has been inadvertently omitted from the implementation, there is an immediate and competent recourse.
On-going Maintenance Support
Typically, the maintenance plan covers a pre-determined number of reactive support incidents that the client can draw from in the course of contractual term, usually a year. If required, provisions can be made at the start of the contract to convert incidents to Professional Service Days so that planned services like system fine-tuning can be carried out.